You can have EXACTLY what you want.

Discover your manifestation blueprint

hidden in your natal chart

  • Are you ready to unlock your manifestation abilities?

  • Are you ready to call in new love, more money or better health?

  • Are you tired of manifestation techniques being hit or miss?

Manifestation Mastery is for you if...

  • You’re clear about what you want and ready to call it in NOW

  • You’re curious what it would be like to have “more” in your life

  • You recognize life is too short to be unhappy and unfulfilled

  • You love astrology and learning about yourself

  • You know you’re a divine creator being incarnate and want to access more of your power

  • You’re feeling the magic of this season and ready to work with it

If you’re ready to feel like luck and life are on your side…

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Sunday April 21 & 28 | 2pm ET

"The way Kay explains is very concise and crystal clear."

I love Kay's unique perspective and the way Kay conveys messages. I love how Kay holds a neutral view when she explains energies and energetic relationships. The way Kay explains concepts and conveys messages is very concise and crystal clear. -- TB

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In Manifestation Mastery, you’ll learn...

Everything you need to know about your manifestation blueprint...

  • Which kinds of people will be most helpful as you manifest and create

  • How to manifest and create anything you want, any time you want

  • The specific mechanics of how YOU are meant to manifest the big 3: love, money, and health

  • What it means if you have a lot of planets in your 5th house (a stellium) vs no planets

Course curriculum

This live workshop will be held on Sunday, APR 21 & 28, 2pm ET | 11am PT | 6pm GMT

    1. PREREQUISITE: How to get the most from this course

    2. PREREQUISITE: Get your charts (12 min)

    3. PREREQUISITE: 5 Things to know about this course (6 min)

    4. PREREQUISITE: How to see the stars the way I do (7 min)

    1. Manifestation Mastery II Class 1

    2. Manifestation Mastery II Class 2

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About this course

  • $144.00
  • 7 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content

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Sunday April 21 & 28 | 2pm ET

Manifestation Mastery is exactly what you need if you…

  • You want to create more love, money or better health but have no idea how

  • No matter how hard you try some things never seem to manifest for you

  • You’re disappointed with certain areas of life because you can’t seem to shake off patterns that don’t work for you

  • You have tried manifesting techniques like “scripting it” or “feeling it” but they only work some of the time

  • You know you’re meant to do, be, or have a particular thing, but can’t figure out how to access it

Easy to participate

from anywhere in the world

  • Beginner-friendly

    This is an intermediate class and it will be helpful if you know some astrology; however all levels are welcome

  • Two-part 6-hour workshop

    Live and recorded, so you can listen anytime

  • Q & A session included

    Recorded answers to frequently asked questions

  • Work with real charts

    We’ll use examples from current participants to highlight the lessons

  • Content is yours for life

    Listen when you’re ready if you can’t join live

Early Bird Bonuses

Get your seat NOW to lock in one of these bonuses

  • The 5 Planets of Manifestation

    The first 50 people to register will receive this guide to the five planets/asteroids that give you manifestation superpowers and how to access those superpowers in your chart

  • Live FREE mini-reading

    The first 5 people to register will be eligible to receive a live mini-reading with me at the end of class as part of the learning content (must be present for the whole class to be elegible)


Class starts in less than 24 hours!

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  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

"I love classes with Kay!"

Kay threw out bones for the more advanced students to chew on without overwhelming the newbies. It was so instructive! Loved it all! I especially loved that you gave explanations in several different ways because people were asking the same questions. It helped me review my notes and make sure I understood. -- EM

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • I'm new to astrology, will I understand this workshop?

    This is an INTERMEDIATE workshop. While it is beginner friendly, you'll enjoy it more if you know some basics such as planetary symbols, house meanings, and sign meanings. If you're still learning these things, you're welcomed to join and continue to learn as you go.

  • What if I don’t know my birth date, time or location?

    It is fine if you do not know your birth time. This course will provide illumination if you only know your birth date and location. However if you do not know your exact birth date or location, it is best to find these details before enrolling in the workshop.

  • Will you provide a workbook, slides, transcripts or handouts?

    NO. Come prepared to take notes. This workshop will be a combination of lecture and demonstration with live charts. We'll use real chart examples from the beginning. If you're the kind of student who needs materials to print out or review in multiple formats to fully digest the content, this is not the workshop for you.

  • Do I need to have astrology software to participate?

    It's STRONGLY RECOMMENDED but not required. You will be provided with two free options for finding your chart as soon as you enroll. I will use the TimePassages software created by Astrograph which offers a FREE version for iPhone and Android devices:

  • Will you use Sidereal or Tropical astrology? Which house system will you use?

    All videos on the YouTube channel and content for Star School are based in Tropical Astrology, using the Placidus House System. If you practice a different house system or Sidereal Astrology, yet find the astrological content shared on the YouTube channel resonates for you, you are still welcomed to join. The workshop will give you an additional perspective that you may find useful to refer to as it suits you.

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    As of now, the plan is for you to have lifetime access to this content. Should course material be removed from this platform, you'll be given access in another way. As long as I'm alive, the content is yours.

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Sunday April 21 & 28 | 2pm ET

Learn how to create what you want WHEN you want, any time in your life

with your personal manifestation blueprint

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