Know your Chiron and stop letting it run your show

48 hours to access (doors close April 5)

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Discover your personal path to healing

Stop letting your shadow run your life

  • Identify the symbol for chiron in your chart and every chart

  • Discover your “Root Wound” -- the thing you have to heal first if you want to heal other wounds in your life (so you don’t waste years repeating cycles)

  • Discover the areas of life that are always going to be triggered by your Chiron

  • Discover why you have repeated challenges in certain areas of life (and what to do about it)

  • Uncover your light work and leadership: the thing your wound has prepared you to help others overcome

  • Learn how you’re meant to lead based on what you’ll overcome

  • Clarify how your loved ones can heal (and how you can support your children, partners, and friends in overcoming their wounds)

  • Know the triggers of your loved ones (before you activate their wounds) so you can be a better lover, friend, family member (and avoid communication breakdowns)

  • Understand who you are, and why you react to certain things the way you do

Course curriculum

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    • PREREQUISITE: How to get the most from this course

    • PREREQUISITE: Get your charts (10 min)

    • PREREQUISITE: How to use this course (4 min)

    • PREREQUISITE: How to see the stars the way I do (7 min)

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    How to Master Your Chiron Wound: Recording

    • How to Master Your Chiron Wound Workshop

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    Master Your Chiron Workshop Review -- What did you think?

    • Thank for participating! Review form link below.

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    BONUS: Star School 101 Class 1

    • Star School 101 Class 1: Houses, Signs, Planets

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    BONUS: 2-hour Astro Q & A (April 16, 2pm ET | 6pm GMT)

    • Chiron Workshop Bonus Q & A recording

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    BONUS: Participant-only savings for 1-hour readings SOLD OUT

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Easy to participate

from anywhere in the world

  • Beginner-friendly

    No astrology knowledge needed, even if you’ve never looked at a chart before

  • 3-hour workshop

    Live and recorded, so you can listen anytime

  • Q & A session included

    Live answers if you get stuck

  • Work with real charts

    We’ll use examples of world leaders and celebrities

  • Content is yours for life

    Listen when you’re ready if you can’t join live

Know your core wound

AND how to heal it

(so it can stop getting in the way in relationships)

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • I'm new to astrology, will I understand this workshop?

    YES. This is a workshop built for beginners and intermediate astrologers alike. Whether you know your chart or have never created one, this course will help you understand your Chiron placement from finding it to interpreting it. Finally, you’ll know how to use your Chiron placement to direct your healing.

  • What if I don’t know my birth date, time or location?

    It is fine if you do not know your birth time. This course will provide illumination if you only know your birth date and location. However if you do not know your exact birth date or location, it is best to find these details before enrolling in the workshop.

  • Will you provide a workbook, slides, transcripts or handouts?

    NO. Come prepared to take notes. This workshop will be a combination of lecture and demonstration with live charts. We'll use real chart examples from the beginning. If you're the kind of student who needs materials to print out or review in multiple formats to fully digest the content, this is not the workshop for you.

  • Do I need to have astrology software to participate?

    It's STRONGLY RECOMMENDED but not required. You will be provided with two free options for finding your chart and Chiron placement as soon as you enroll. I will use the TimePassages software created by Astrograph which offers a FREE version for iPhone and Android devices:

  • Will you use Sidereal or Tropical astrology? Which house system will you use?

    All videos on the YouTube channel and content for Star School are based in Tropical Astrology, using the Placidus House System. If you practice a different house system or Sidereal Astrology, yet find the astrological content shared on the YouTube channel resonates for you, you are still welcomed to join. The workshop will give you an additional perspective that you may find useful to refer to as it suits you.

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    As of now, the plan is for you to have lifetime access to this content. Should course material be removed from this platform, you'll be given access in another way. As long as I'm alive, the content is yours.

March 26, 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

(doors close March 24)

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Transcend the Wound and become the Healer

Unlock the secrets of your Chiron