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This members-only community is a safe place to talk about the challenges of the twin soul journey and light work.

Q & A with Kay may be exactly what you need right now if...

  • You've been on the twin journey for years and you want to understand the finer nuances to the mirroring and triggers so things can move forward (and stop repeating cycles)

  • You've recently discovered you're in a twin connection and want to understand how it all works, why you're on the journey, and get an idea of what's to come

  • You're a lightworker and just want to get better insight, coaching and resources for sharing your gifts with others

  • You want your 3rd dimensional reality to reflect your 5th dimensional truths

  • You would like channeled guidance from Kay's guides about the collective changes for twins and lightworkers unfolding in the 2020s

  • You have questions about any of the channeled messages Kay has received for twins and would like to understand them more deeply (and how they apply to YOU)

  • You're ready to take a deeper look at what's happening in your journey and how it fits into collective changes as we head into the major Union Window of 2022-2023

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Session Topics

All sessions will have 30-40 minutes of revelation followed by 90 minutes of open Q & A on ANY topic. WEDNESDAY 7pm ET SOLD OUT. FRIDAYS 1pm ET NOW AVAILABLE.

  • 1

    Welcome to Q & A with Kay

    • READ THIS: Everything you need to know about this course

    • WATCH THIS: Welcome message from K Moon

    • WATCH THIS: How to use this site

  • 2

    Divine Mirror Patterns I (AUG 11)

    • Learn the First 4 Essene Mirrors (Direct Mirror, Opposite Mirror, Mirror of the Void, Mirror of Separation)

    • Call details for live sessions

    • Recording (available 24 hours after live session)

  • 3

    Spiritual Union (AUG 18)

    • How to Integrate the Energy of Spiritual Union

    • Call details for live sessions

    • Recording (available 24 hours after live session)

  • 4

    Divine Mirrors II (AUG 25)

    • Learn the Last 3 Essene Mirrors (The Parental Mirror, The Mirror of Light & Shadow, The Mirror of Divine Perfection)

    • Call details for live sessions

    • Recording (available 24 hours after live session)

  • 5

    The Role of Soulmates, Ascension Partners, Triplets (SEP 1)

    • Learn the role and purpose of Soulmates, APs, Karmics, and more than one twin

    • Call details for live sessions

    • Recording (available 24 hours after live session)

  • 6

    Sexual Union (SEP 8)

    • Learn the power of sexual union energy and how to channel it

    • Call details for live sessions

    • Recording (available 24 hours after live session)

  • 7

    Next steps

    • Thanks for joining Q & A with Kay!

Meditation practices for Spiritual and Sexual Union

Revealed to me by my guides and shared with you when you join this sacred circle

Easy to participate

from anywhere in the world

  • Five 30-minute "revelation" sessions

    Five consecutive weeks of downloads for the twin soul collective on the topics listed above. Each one is followed by a lengthy question and answer session on any topic desired.

  • Five 90-minute question and answer sessions

    Five consecutive weeks of participant-guided question and answer sessions that follow each revelation session. Collective channeled guidance included.

  • All sessions are recorded

    Each session will be held live on the date and time listed and recorded so you may relisten at any time.

  • Chat supported

    Chat features will be enabled so you can listen and share your questions without needing to join by voice for added privacy.

  • All sessions are on Zoom

    You can join by phone or computer; even pose questions and listen to the recording if the live session dates don't work for your schedule.

  • Zoom allows phone participants

    If you cannot join by laptop or mobile device, there will be phone numbers you can use to access the live program. Recordings need to be accessed by computer or mobile device.

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This sacred community welcomes you

One of the most important acts of self-care we can give ourselves is to let ourselves be witnessed. It is through being fully seen that we can be fully healed. It is through witnessing others that our own wholeness is revealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Q & A with Kay

  • What if I'm not sure my connection is Twin Soul, Ascension Partner or something else?

    The revelations on Spiritual Union will be specific to twin souls. However, that revelation will be 30-40 minutes of sharing in the entirety of the program. You can get a twin connection check from Ella and Mikayla of Return to One Twin Soul if you like, but much of the mentorship will be about the path of love in your connection and this includes the self-love that will ultimately lead to discernment. No matter the label, all are welcomed.

  • I'm not sure I'm a light-worker or what kind of light work I even offer. Will this be useful for me?

    YES! Lightworkers are needed EVERYWHERE, especially now. Many lightworkers are operating vibrationally in the toughest and most divisive environments. I assure you, if you resonate with the concept of light work, you're likely already doing it and are welcomed to join.

  • How much will be teaching vs Q & A?

    The mentorship sessions are mainly run by YOUR questions. Opening revelations will last 30-40 mins, the remaining 90 minutes will be community cultivated. I will answer Qs, direct conversation, provide coaching, channeling and tools as needed. Lots of time to share stories, get information and support.

  • What if I can't attend live? Can I email you questions?

    No, email support will NOT be offered for this program. Please bring all questions to the live sessions. Alternatively, you can submit questions ahead of sessions if you'll be absent. Answers will be recorded for those who can’t attend live and available to listen to on the recording for each session. Many people sign up JUST to listen to the recordings for answers to their questions and messages that pertain to their situation as the program schedule conflicts with their personal schedule. You're welcomed to do this if you have such a scheduling conflict.

  • What time zone will this be for where I live?

    Friday sessions will take place at 1pm EST (Miami, Florida time). Wednesday sessions (SOLD OUT) will take place at 7pm EST (Miami Florida time) on Wednesdays. Please check a timezone converter for your local time:

  • When will you offer this again?

    I'm not sure. It's always intuitively prompted when I offer it. If you know you need this now, I wouldn't recommend waiting. There’s a chance private time with me won't be available otherwise.

  • Will you do astrology charts? I have questions about my chart / follow up questions about my session with you.

    No. We may talk about the general astrological energies overall, but personal readings will NOT be offered during these mentorship sessions. This is reserved exclusively for those who need coaching, mentorship, and a place to talk through challenging circumstances and get support. For astrological mentorship and guidance, please plan to join Star School when it launches again.

  • Will your guides answer questions about my personal situation? Can you channel for me and my twin?

    No. My guides only answer questions pertaining to collective guidance at this time.

  • What is the program refund policy?

    Q & A with Kay is fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to the program start date (7pm ET, August 9, 2021.) After that date and time, the course is non-refundable. All content in the course is yours for life unless you are removed from the program. Please see the Terms of Use Agreement for further details:

Get your seat NOW

Registration closes Tuesday, August 10, 7pm ET

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You're invited to join this members-only experience if...

you know in your heart, you're an advanced soul, seeking advanced guidance...

  • You recognize and accept that you'll always be "doing the work," that the journey never ends, and that it's not about karma or karmic traps, it's about EVOLUTION and being an expression of LOVE for the greater good of all

  • You recognize that your twin experiences are neither happening to you nor happening for you, but instead happening THROUGH you (and some days you could use a little help staying centered in this truth)

  • You have a strong discernment filter and know how to listen for what is true for you, leaving the rest for others it may be true for at this time (you know how to lean into your own intuition and aren't easily triggered, confused, or unsettled by information that doesn't apply to your experiences)

The Mirrors of the Twin Soul experience REVEALED

Our biggest breakthroughs happen when we're not trying to do it all alone