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  • 3 full-color multi-page reports with detailed information including, dates, timings, themes, and more

  • 3 brief video overviews, one for each report (4-10 mins each)

  • 1 Illumination call, for live questions and answers (March 17 only, recording available thereafter)

Bonus Bundle Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Star School Bonus Bundle!

    • Important information about your Bonus Bundle

  • 2

    The Guide to Retrograde Planets

    • The Guide to Retrograde Planets Overview

  • 3

    2021 Retrograde Report

    • 2021 Retrograde Report Overview

  • 4

    The Divine Counterpart Union Schedule

    • Divine Counterpart Union Schedle Overview

  • 5

    Q & A Call Recording

    • Q & A call details

    • Q & A Call Recording

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Enroll in Star School 101 NOW!

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  • Mark Your Calendar

    Dates for important astrological events you can add to your calendar. Compare what's happening in your life to what's happening with the stars.

  • Retrograde Dates & Meanings

    Learn general retrograde interpretations for all major planets. Get specific retrograde interpretations for how 2021 will unfold.

  • Listen & Learn

    Get brief recorded overviews of each guide so you know the best way to use the information for your life.

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    Download, save and print each guide so the information is at-your-fingertips when you need it most.

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Get the Bonus Bundle if You...

You don't have to be a Star School Student to enjoy the Star School Bonus Bundle

  • Want to understand what it means when a planet goes "retrograde" (The Guide to Retrograde Planets)

  • Want to know how to use the energy of retrograde planets to your advantage for smoother sailing and less struggle at work, home and in love (The Guide to Retrograde Planets)

  • Hate feeling blindsided by planetary retrograde energy and want to know what's happening and when it will happen in 2021 (The 2021 Retrograde Report)

  • Want to know how the retrograde energy of 2021 will be unique -- each year retrogrades have their own energies based on the sign they occur in and other planetary connections made during the retrograde (The 2021 Retrograde Report)

  • Want to know the exact dates for the Divine Counterparts coming together in the sky so you can understand the past of your connection and track it into the future (The Divine Counterpart Union Schedule)

  • Want to know how much time you have before the next major union window opens so you can prepare (The Divine Counterpart Union Schedule)


  • How long are the classes?

    There are no classes in the Bonus Bundle. Just 3 guides/reports and brief overviews so you know how to use each one.

  • I missed the Q & A call, will there be another one?

    No, but you will have access to the recording which will answer the majority of questions about the material in the Bonus Bundle.

  • It's after the middle of 2021, will this information still be relevant?

    Most of the retrogrades in 2021 are happening in the second half of the year (after June). The information in the Guide to Retrograde Planets and the 2021 Retrograde Report will help you to know what's retrograding now and how that's impacting your life.

  • I want to understand this even better, when will you open Star School again?

    Star School 101, Astro Basics will be open for enrollment through March 19, 2021. After that, it's possible it will reopen in the fall of 2021.

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Put the power of the stars in your hands