Chart your union energies

Discovery the astrological cycles in your connection

  • Learn the astro symbols for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in your chart and your counterpart's chart

  • Learn the astro symbols for the soulmates so you can see how they come and go in your divine connection

  • Learn to predict seasons of union so you know when to expect a pull toward one another from the planets

  • Learn to predict seasons of separation so you know when to step back if things aren't moving forward

  • Discover challenges to union from other planets (sometimes a union window can open, but it may be time for union with self)

  • Learn the impact retrograde Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine planets can have in your connection

Finally get answers about the cycles in your connection

Easy to participate

from anywhere in the world

  • 3-hour workshop

    Intermediate-beginner Astrology workshop presented via lecture and demonstration with lots of chart examples

  • Q & A session included

    Live Q & A to clarify key concepts during the workshop; Qs may be submitted in advance through the workshop platform for those who cannot attend live

  • Work with real charts

    We'll look at examples from real charts from the start of the workshop so you're fully familiar with what to look for in your own charts before the workshop is over

  • Workshop held on Zoom

    Laptop or desktop participation is STRONGLY recommended for the best experience

  • Recording available

    This workshop will be held live and recorded so you may relisten at any time

Track and predict your union windows

Where are we in this connection? Discover what's happening and more importantly: WHY

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • I'm new to astrology, will I understand this workshop?

    NO. This is NOT the workshop for a complete novice. This Intermediate-beginner Astrology workshop assumes you know chart basics i.e. houses, aspects, degrees, signs, retrogrades, some planetary symbols, etc. You should have a loose idea of how an astrology chart works and be familiar with astrological aspects at a bare minimum.

  • Will this prepare me to read union charts for others?

    No. This workshop will not provide the comprehensive education required to effectively read for others. It is specifically designed to help you understand yourself and your journey only.

  • Will you provide a workbook, slides, transcripts or handouts?

    NO. Come prepared to take notes. This workshop will be a combination of lecture and demonstration with live charts. We'll use real chart examples from the beginning. If you're the kind of student who needs materials to print out or review in multiple formats to fully digest the content, this is not the workshop for you.

  • Do I need to have astrology software to participate?

    It's STRONGLY RECOMMENDED but not required. I will use the TimePassages software created by Astrograph which offers a FREE version for iPhone and Android devices:

  • Will you use Sidereal or Tropical astrology? Which house system will you use?

    All videos on the YouTube channel and content for Star School are based in Tropical Astrology, using the Placidus House System. If you practice a different house system or Sidereal Astrology, yet find the astrological content shared on the YouTube channel resonates for you, you are still welcomed to join. The workshop will give you an additional perspective that you may find useful to refer to as it suits you.

  • Will you teach how to know if this is a twin connection through astrology and verify it?

    No, I do not read the charts in that way. Some astrologers do, however my guidance has been to leave the “knowing” to you, and not undermine your intuition. If you don’t know, it’s ok, in time you will. Trust your heart. It will tell you the truth about your connection. The astrology will show you how to make the best of things in your connection and better understand your journey.

  • What if I'm not sure if my connection is a Twin Flame, Ascension Partner, Soulmate or something else?

    As I have talked about on the YouTube channel, divine connections can present the same experience, no matter the label. The point and the purpose for each is love. This workshop can help you create greater self-love and compassion for another by understanding the perfection of the current unfoldments.

  • What if I can't attend the workshop live?

    The live workshop will be recorded. If you cannot participate live, there will be a place to share your Qs on the workshop platform in advance of the session. As mentioned above, there are no "course materials," only the recording. So be prepared to pause and take notes as you listen to the recording.

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