What is Star Club?

Star Club is a dedicated 12-week community for astrology lovers to learn, practice, and share astrology's wisdom. Do you want to post a chart and get feedback? Do you want to trade readings with others who love astrology? Do you love astro breakdowns of charts, celebs, current events, and major transits?


Excited to learn, practice and share astrology with people who love it as much as you do?

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Star Club is PERFECT for you if...

  • You want to learn astrology foundations (Star School 101 is included, with four 60-minute modules and a 60+ page workbook for learning astrology)

  • You want to practice astrology with others who love it as much as you do

  • You want to learn about the astrology influencing politics, current events, celebrities, and more – you like to geek out over the transits and learn about their impact

  • You want to check in with others and an instructor about your astro Qs as you learn

  • You learn best by doing and interacting with astrology in real time – trading readings and listening to chart breakdowns for others

  • You resonate with the way I read the stars on the YouTube channel and want to see your stars the way I do. (Perfect for both novice and intermediate astrologers.)

  • You're an astrologer, reader, or healer who uses astrology in your practice and you want a tax-deductible way to continue your education that's fun and hands-on

What comes with Star Club?

Training, practice, community and fun

Twelve 90-minute Astro Chats

Total 18 hours live training with Kay -- Every Thursday we'll read charts and chat about the astrology influencing current events

You pick the topics each week. Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce even compatible? Who’s chart is favored to win the US election? Will there be more wildfires? When? What’s the astrology behind AI and the future of tech? Is it gonna work between Ben Affleck and J-Lo?
Astro Chat

Instant access to Star School 101: Astro Basics

Four 45-60 minute modules and 60+ page astro workbook

Whether you're a beginner or a practicing astrologer, the learn-through-life approach of Star School 101 can help you understand yourself and loved ones in new ways. The minute you join, you can start learning.

Instant Access to Star School 201: Twin Flame Astrology

Four 45-60 minute modules and 50+ page astro workbook

Ready to learn about the astrology of Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts? Four 60+-minute sessions that illuminate the Divine Counterparts in astrology, the meaning of their movement through the sky, and the seasons of separation and union. If you're read to chart the cycles of your connection, this is the class for you.

Star School 301: North Node Mastery

Four 45-60 minute modules and 70+ page astro workbook

This class will help you understand your life long lesson ( big part of why you incarnated). It will also deep dive on why certain people come into your life and seem to stay (HINT: they stimulate your North Node). You'll learn how to overcome challenges and pitfalls in your life that keep repeating. You'll also learn about North Node transits and North Node synastry so you can understand why certain people trigger you and why you trigger others (and what to do about it.)

Star School study partners

Pick a partner | watch a class | work together

If you know you learn better with others and through practice, Star Club is the best way to do Star School. Pick a partner, set your time, watch modules together, and do the homework together. The Star Club learning environment is the best way to revisit Star School modules with more interaction and hands-on learning.

Chart feedback at your fingertips

Post a chart, ask a Q, get community-sourced answers

Whether you're asking about yourself, a celeb, a family member or friend, if you have a Q about a chart, the Star Club community has your answers. Wondering how Virgo Moon people feel about marriage? Ask. Curious how a Sagittarius rising might act at work? Ask. Want another interpretation for Jupiter opposite Mercury? All you have to do is ask.

Trade readings with members

Give and receive multiple readings

Love a good reading? Need reading practice? Meet other Astro Lovers who want to do reading exchanges with you. Post in the Exchange space, set a time and start reading. There's no limit to how many readings you can do.

Members-only savings

20% off just about everything

Want access to Star School 201 or 301? Want to book a 1-hour personal reading, parent-child reading, or a couple's reading? Star Club members get 20% off for the duration of their 12-week membership.

Astro Chat Schedule

90-Minute live Astro Chats are your chance to listen, learn and ask Qs with K Moon

All Astro Chats are held live on Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:30pm ET (Miami, FL time). 

You can participate live or plan to send Qs in advance and listen to the recording. Recordings are posted 24 hours after the live event. 

THU March 7 -- Topic: How will the Eclipses impact YOU? 

THU March 14 -- 2 Readings & chat

THU March 21 -- 3 Readings

THU April 4 --- Jupiter - Uranus Conjunction: A once-in-a-lifetime manifestation event

THU April 11 -- 2 Readings & chat

THU April 18  -- 2 Readings & chat

THU April 25 -- 3 Readings

THU May 2 -- 2 Readings & chat

THU May 9 -- Celeb / Current Event -- Members will vote on topic 

THU May 16 -- 3 Readings

THU May 23 -- 2 readings & chat

Star Club Includes

  • Intimate community of Astro Lovers

    Share astro insights, trade readings, get chart feedback and more with this dedicated community for learning and practicing astrology.

  • Live readings with Kay

    Every week, you'll learn through hearing live breakdowns of different charts with Kay. As a bonus for the first 20 participants to join, your chart will also be one of these live readings.

  • Recordings of all weekly Astro Chats

    12 ninety-minute recorded sessions of live astrology Q & A and breakdowns of celebs, astro events, politics, and more. The recordings are yours for life.

  • Star School 101: Astro Basics

    4 + Class hours to learn and practice astrology, a 60 + page workbook, plus community partners to study with as you go.

  • Participate from anywhere

    If your schedule doesn't permit you to join live, you can submit questions any time for live Astro Chats and participate at a time convenient for your schedule.

  • 12 ninety-minute Astro Chats

    Weekly Astro Chats to discuss your questions and the astrology influencing celebrities, politics, and world events.

  • MAJOR savings on programs and readings

    As long as you're a member of Star Club, you can take 20% off just about everything (courses, workshops, or readings.)

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Everyone who joins will get access to two 4+ hour astrology workshops. But the first 20 who join will receive a live chart reading with me.

Star Club Bonus #1 Live Reading / Hotseat (LIMTED SPOTS LEFT)

Get a live 20-minute session of your choice, done fish-bowl style

The Star Club Community is built to help you learn through doing and observing. The next 5 people who join will get a live reading of their chart or a loved one's chart during Astro Chats on Thursdays. Alternatively, you can get coaching on your reading style. Or, you can use the time to learn about running an astrology business or how to incorporate astrology into your business to add a revenue line.

Bonus #2 Master Your Chiron

4 + hour workshop, value $111 (available to all who join the first launch of Star Club)

  • Discover your “Root Wound”: the thing you have to heal first if you want to heal other wounds in your life (so you don’t waste years repeating cycles)

  • Uncover your light work and leadership: the thing your wound has prepared you to help others overcome

  • Know the triggers of your loved ones (before you activate their wounds) so you can be a better partner, friend, family member (and avoid communication breakdowns)

  • Discover how your loved ones can heal (and how you can support your children, partners, and friends in overcoming their wounds.)

Bonus #3 Timing of Twin Flame Union

4 + hour workshop, value $111 (available to all who register for the first launch of Star Club)

  • Learn the astro symbols for the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and soulmates in your chart and your counterpart's chart

  • Learn to predict seasons of union so you know when to expect a pull toward one another from the planets

  • Learn to predict seasons of separation so you know when to step back if things aren't moving forward

  • Discover challenges to union from other planets (sometimes a union window can open, but it may be time for union with self)

  • Learn the impact retrograde Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine planets can have in your connection


  • When are live Astro Chats and what if I can’t make it? Should I still join?

    Live Astro Chats are every Thursday 4:00 - 5:30 pm ET (Miami, FL time). Every Astro Chat is recorded so you can relisten at any time convenient for you. You can submit Qs for Astro chat so you can listen later. All Astro Chat recordings are posted 24 hours after the live chat.

  • When are live readings? What if the times don’t work for my schedule?

    All readings are completed live during Astro Chats every Thursday 4:00 - 5:30 pm ET (Miami, FL time). After you enroll, you’ll be given a scheduling link to book yours. If the available times don’t work for your schedule, feel free to book the next available spot to receive a recorded reading completed at that spot. The recorded reading will be available 24 hours after the live Astro Chat.

  • What if I don’t want my live reading done fish-bowl style?

    K Moon will complete all readings live during Astro Chats to accelerate the learning for all Star Club members. Plan to ask Qs you are comfortable with being answered in this setting. Alternatively, you can bring a chart you’d like coaching on how to read. You may also offer your reading to another Star Club member if you would not like to participate in this aspect of the program. Price adjustments or reschedules outside of Star Club’s Astro Chat hours are not available.

  • Can I get access to Star School 201 or 301?

    Yes! Star School 201: Twin Flame Astrology and 301: North Node Mastery are both available for purchase with a 20% savings once you’ve joined Star Club. They are not available for stand-alone purchase at this time. The Astro Chats can be used as Office Hours where you can get your questions about course material answered live.

  • What Astrology Software will you use?

    You are welcomed to use whichever software works for you. I will use Astrograph’s Time Passages software. The makers of the software have generously agreed to provide 20% off their software for members of Star Club. Alternatively, they offer a free version of Time Passages for mobile devices (available for iOS, Android). Though it has some limitations, it’s a wonderful application for beginners.

  • Do you practice Tropical or Sidereal astrology? Which house systems will you use?

    All videos on the YouTube channel and content for Star School are based on Tropical Astrology, using the Placidus House System. If you practice a different house system or Sidereal Astrology, yet find the astrological content shared on the YouTube channel resonates for you, you are still welcomed to join. These courses will give you an additional perspective that you may find useful to incorporate as it suits you.

  • Will I get coaching on reading for others?

    If you’d like to use your live reading to get coaching on reading another’s chart, you may do so. After sharing your interpretations, K Moon will guide you through alternate interpretations in answer to your querent’s questions.

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