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Star School 101, 201 & 301

Astro Basics, Astrology for Twin Flames, & North Node Mastery

VALUE $465 | YOU PAY $369

Star School 101 & 301

Astro Basics & North Node Mastery

VALUE $321 | YOU PAY $280

Star School 101 & 201

Astro Basics & Astrology for Twin Flames

VALUE $288 | YOU PAY $250

The full, 13-week, Star School Scholar Package

may be right for you if…

  • You find yourself studying charts and Googling astrology meanings in your spare time, especially in challenging relationships

  • You’ve always wanted to go beyond sun, moon and rising and understand ALL of your chart

  • You want to be able to look at your chart or the chart of a loved one and know what’s happening, why, and what can be done about it

  • You need to save money (this is the most cost-effective way to study with me)

  • You’ve seen too many repeating patterns in your life in work, love, family, or money and you’re READY to break free

  • Resonate with the way I read the stars on the YouTube channel and want to see your stars the way I do. (Perfect for both novice and intermediate astrologers.)

Whether you know some astrology or you're a complete beginner...

If you find the YouTube content resonates...

And you love astrology as much as I do and want more ease in your relationships...

Then Star School is for YOU.

In Star School 101, you’ll learn the basics and more:

  • The signs and planet placements and what they mean

  • How to understand the conversations between planets (“aspects”)

  • Timing and transits, how to “predict” what’s coming energetically

  • The complexity of planetary positions and how their energies create harmony or tension

  • Interpreting planets in houses and aspects in the natal chart

  • Who you and your counterpart are beyond your sun moon and rising signs

  • Why you both are the way you are when it comes to love, communication, money, kids, and more…

Star School 201 will give you:

  • The central lesson you’re helping each other learn

  • How to understand what’s coming year to year in your connection

  • The patterns of separation and challenge in your connection (how the connection challenges you to grow)

  • Similarities and patterns of harmony in your charts (how you fit together)

  • Which aspect patterns between two people are meaningful

  • Your connection's personal Union Windows and how to make the most of them

  • Why you are so heavily drawn to one another

In Star School 301, you’ll learn:

  • The central lesson of your lifetime so you can work with it instead of feeling like life is "complicated"

  • How your most important relationships and life events help you learn this lesson

  • The seasons of evolution and change in your life

  • When important events may happen and important people may enter (or exit) your life

  • Nodal synastry and the interplay between your nodes and other people’s nodes and planets to make it easier to understand your connections

  • The best way to stop repeating cycles in your life (and which cycles you are most likely to repeat)

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Class starts Monday, November 21. Choose a path to see the full class schedule.

Star School 101, 201 & 301

Astro Basics, Astrology for Twin Flames & North Node Mastery

VALUE $465 | YOU PAY $369

Star School 101 & 301

Astro Basics & North Node Mastery

VALUE $321 | YOU PAY $280

Star School 101 & 201

Astro Basics & Astrology for Twin Flames

VALUE $288 | YOU PAY $250

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What they say about working with K Moon

Kay has a straightforward approach that exudes remarkable clarity. Invest in yourself with her guidance! She is highly skilled and able to clarify what you may not realize are strengths or tendencies that are self-sabotaging. -- CS 

I love how Kay uses the mythology behind the planets as she reads. It gives more depth and texture to what events are happening. She listens carefully and does a wonderful job of taking her time to give you the information you need while also being focused and efficient at delivering the message. Absolutely do it. If you're blurry or doubting your gut on something, do it. – CM

Her clear concise way of delivering the message. Keeping it to the point and easy to understand...I have been doubtful of getting an astrological reading forever, as I was unsure of my birth time. However I am so grateful I found her, because this reading cleared up some major confusion, and has allowed me to move forward in life with so much clarity. I highly recommend it. – A

Kay made it very easy to understand even though I don't understand all of the terminologies for reading charts. – AD

I love how detailed she was and I feel like I have a greater understanding of how energy works now. I still need to watch it a few times to fully understand how everything connects but I'm starting to connect the dots and see the patterns in my life and why things have played out a certain way. I highly recommend her services to help you on your soul journey. It really helps to have direction and see the windows of opportunity and understand why things are a struggle sometimes and how to overcome those struggles and grow. – Sarah

The time is now if you have questions about your connection and how to best navigate it. Kay is a top-notch professional who really knows her subject matter deeply. It's clear how much commitment and devotion she puts into being at the top of her field. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am very grateful for her talent and expertise and all that she does. – KD

My time with Kay showed me the purpose of all the struggles I have gone through. That these struggles hold meaning, in the wisdom they generate, and showed me how I can leverage that wisdom, in helping others overcome the obstacles they themselves create by not being in integrity with their own needs and desires. – TN

You are amazing! I know the moment I signed up I was going to be provided with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and advice. Your ability to translate the planets and explain them and their workings with my make up was amazing and on point. Thank you so very much!!! – MS

I would say if you are looking to keep growing in your life this is a great tool to either confirm you are on the right path or at the very least open your eyes to things you can do to help understand why you are the way you are. All knowledge, whether good or bad, helps us grow. You are a blessing. Thank you again. – ACK

I enjoyed Kay’s compassion & intuitive insight. She creates an easygoing, judgment-free zone where I felt comfortable sharing. My time with Kay helped me to identify why I’ve experienced some of the most traumatic events in my life. It helped me to see that it’s ok to grieve & let myself be where I’m at. It also helped me realize that everything that materializes in my life is meant to guide me home, back to myself & Source. – Elise

Get it! Astrology is a beautiful way of seeing your whole life lessons from a linear perspective and helps you to not place your energies in the wrong place at the wrong time. It helps you work WITH the energies of the planet and the collective as opposed to swimming against the current. – Indigo

Kay is whip-smart, wise, kind, and on the money with my chart and giving guidance. She gave me a new way of looking at the '"big players" in my chart, which was a wonderfully affirming resolution to things that have bugged me for decades. – Rachel

Very thorough and well-explained, she clearly knows what she is talking about. She helped me understand that I am not necessarily doing anything "wrong" in my connection, but that some things just need to take time and work out in ways beyond my control. – SS 

I liked how Kay was able to talk about the evolution of reading astrology and how meanings changed over time to be what they are now. Kay is gifted at using the chart in combination with her intuitive understanding to pinpoint exactly what needs to be revealed. – ST

My primary goal was to understand the impact of my North Node placement, what my gifts and talents are, and my mission and purpose in this lifetime. All of this information was revealed and explained. The investment is definitely worth it! Kay is great at explaining the relationship to the planets, houses, and placements. I have a better understanding of myself and Kay is wonderfully supportive and encouraging. Understanding your astrological blueprint is a key component to finding the answer to questions such as, "Who am I?; Why am I here?". K Moon is a fantastic conduit and interpreter of information that will assist those folks on the quest to get to know themselves on a deeper level. – EP

Kay is much more than an astrologer; she's a twin flame counselor grounded in astrology. She'll use her knowledge gained from her own twin flame journey, her teachers, and her guides to soothe you and to precisely orient you on the next leg of your journey so that you can most effectively harness the energies affecting you in the months and years to come. Most of us at this point understand that major pain is preprogrammed into our lives to facilitate soul growth, but it's a next-level perspective to see the preprogramming laid out in the heavens. Kay was able to show me my TF separations laid out in my chart, which helped reinforce the divine perfection of my journey. She was also able to show me when union is unlikely for me, and when union is more likely. It let me off the hook. The information is invaluable if you're a twin. Knowing your personal DM and DF placements can help you balance those halves of yourselves more succinctly. Also, it's just nice to talk to someone who's also a twin, as so many of us are isolated and generally questioning our sanity because we don't see anyone around us going through similar transformations. – MK

I liked that she focused on The Positive side of the signs in the Nodes. North Node. This was very helpful and has inspired me to do further research. Kay is thorough and to the point. – JP

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Star School 101, 201 & 301

Astro Basics, Astrology for Twin Flames, North Node Mastery

VALUE $465 | YOU PAY $369

Star School 101 & 301

Astro Basics & North Node Mastery

VALUE $321 | YOU PAY $280

Star School 101 & 201

Astro Basics & Astrology for Twin Flames

VALUE $288 | YOU PAY $250

What they love about working with K Moon...

Kay has such a calming, level-headed, grounded, insightful, and beautiful old-soul aura. Her wonderful communication style combined with her incredible talents and skills in interpreting astrological charts, really make for the most personalized, heartfelt, and poignant readings I have ever received. DEFINITELY DO IT!!! Kay's readings are *so* reasonably priced, and I promise you will get so much more out of it than whatever your initial questions were going in. What Kay does is an art form. There are a lot of readers and astrologers out there. But Kay is incredibly down-to-earth and authentic. She has so many gifts that marry so well with this form of lightwork she is doing. – MD

If you have even made it to this point in your search for a reading this is obviously where you are supposed to be. K is the most incredible astrologer I’ve come across thus far. I am simply blown away by her channeling & the accuracy of her readings. – Sunny

I have so much gratitude for Kay's guidance. I feel lucky to have learned about Kay and her incredible ability as an astrologer. Her incredible insight with my deepest life lessons. She was so clear and so to the point of exactly what I needed to hear. I felt like a veil was lifted and the truth set free. Time with Kay is worth it times a thousand. – Kate

I love how Kay explains astrology. Every answer is drawn on the chart and explained thoroughly and skillfully. Through her, I learned how my mother and father gave me exactly what I needed to solve & complete my nodal axis. – EK

To anyone reading this, I would say get out of your head (or the churchy religion) and get into your heart. God put people on this Earth to lead and guide them in a spiritual manner. Sometimes praying won't do it! You need hard answers to real questions. Kay has a way of guiding me to real insight into unanswered questions that I've had practically all of my life. – RD

Kay’s work has helped me to accept myself for who I am first. I've always known and accepted my twin for who he is, but Kay helped clarify how to work with and balance out our energies. – NS

Kay’s incredible knowledge and instinct were unlike anything else I have seen or experienced from a social media platform. Kay understands and encourages you to connect with yourself and look within, which for Twins is key to maximise harmony throughout the journey. Working with Kay was an invaluable investment which I have already referred back to multiple times. So a huge thank you. You are a real light in the often cloudy TF online community and I am grateful for you and all your work. Our work together has been a pivotal moment in my TF journey which I will never forget or stop being grateful for. Thank you. –TI

Getting the astrology from Kay gave me a reinforcement of things I was feeling and experiencing in my life. It helped me recognize events over the past 5 years for what they are. It’s a comfort knowing there is a Divine plan for me. – Dani

I'd just like to say an extra thank you for Star School! Astrology is no easy thing to study, but you've made it accessible and a joy to learn. Learning to read my own chart is an empowering experience and I'm truly grateful to be able to learn from you! – CJ

I left my time with Kay with a renewed optimism to help me keep pushing forward. I have a deeper compassion and love for my DM. Neither of us is perfect, we have a ways to go but I love him. Thank you so much Kay. – CD

Your collective is blessed to have your content available on YouTube. I was guided to your channel for a reason, and I've learned more about my purpose in 4 months than I have in 30+ years. It's a lot to handle all at once, but that seems to be the theme of 2020 - a test of strength, a test of will, and a test to see whether we can face our shadow and do the work. I feel more at peace now than I did at the beginning of 2020. There are many others out there who are so new to the journey like I once was, and your content not only sheds light on all our unexplainable experiences, but it silences the fearful minds and brings tranquility to our broken hearts. Thank you for everything you do. – CS

Kay is kind of heart, beyond sensitive and she truly connects invisible dots revealing shapes and patterns with astral intelligence, vision, and so much aligned wisdom. She really has this unique touch to link the stars to our spiritual journey in the most enlightening way. And her voice has the purest vibe because she truly speaks from the heart and just hits home with what’s the closest thing to my Truth at the quantum level. I am beyond sensitive to sound, and I know when the vibe clicks with just my ears and the resonance of my soul. Anyone reading this should know there is no coincidence here and that their soul is urging them to question Kay so that their brain can access some major revelation, and if not at least some major confirmation. This is spiritual astrology for us to get the wake-up call, and our soul wants us to remember... – Just B

Kay can help you figure out not only what planets are causing havoc in your life, but also guide you through what you can do about it. I’ve seen other astrologers before, but Kay is the only one who doesn’t leave it to the stars and empowers the individual to co-create with the universe. -Bal

Thank you for showing me that I have choices and introducing me to no-fault-thinking. I’m truly taking away that sometimes you just have to walk through the fire to get to your inner peace. Now that I know I have very little water in my chart, it explains so much about my emotional expression throughout my life. – AH

I love her attention to cosmic detail and the way she translates that into practical knowledge and actionable steps in 3D life. Her voice is so soothing yet strong! – Rebecca

Kay helped me have a better picture of my Soul's purpose in this lifetime. I really appreciate that she empowered me on how I should handle my TF journey and live with integrity and be in congruence with my heart. She touched on planets and aspects in a way that is a bit different and more in-depth as compared to other astrologers. Her calming voice is a gift to the reading! Very well-paced and she covered all that I need to know. 

Kay is very patient and knowledgeable. She breaks things down in a very insightful, understanding way. – MC

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